Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So what the logo means . . .


so this is my first blog. yea me. so i guess I can start on what the whole logo for the site means:

Saw it? Good.
O.k. so, one night, like 5 years ago. I woke up from what felt like an awfully stark pesadilla (nightmare) and in my grawgy state I managed to grab my notebook on the ground and write something so i wouldn't forget it. I fell back to sleep and the next morning, i ended up seeing a pencil drawing of what became the logo . . . weird.

You can read into it whatever you want to, but for me, the symbol is only of a man , stuck in the moon. It's me, or an artist or a slacker or any poor hijo de puta trying to figure a way out of something entraping yet equally beautiful. To me it is a symbol of a man forever working on himself, never settling, always evolving. The moon is a stark white canvas, somewhat uncharted, and the guy is on the inside, trying to get out and take a look around himself. . .

I am done. Sounds like BS. but well. It's helped me so far. jodate.

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